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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — From the outside, the Jones’ house seems like any other. But inside the home where police say Michael Jones killed their 7-year-old son, Adrian, the living conditions were deplorable.

Police found human remains in a livestock pen at the property on Thanksgiving day. Now, Michael and Heather Jones are charged with murder.

Heather Jones made her first appearance in court on Monday to face the charge in connection with her stepson. The judge read Jones her charges and set her next court date for Tuesday, Dec. 22. Heather was not required to enter a plea on Monday.

Since Michael and Heather are being held in Wyandotte County Jail, the property owners felt safe enough to go check out the house. They invited FOX 4 crews inside.

“I was shocked. And disgusted. It took my breath away,” property owner Jennifer Hoevers said.

Dead mice, syringes, pornographic videos and rat poison were found littered throughout the property. Dirty clothes, cages full of rats and a smell that can only be described as stomach-turning.

“Fast food wrappers every where. There’s milk… rotting food everywhere,” Hoevers said.

Hoevers has been working up the courage to come back here after news broke that the couple to whom she was renting her home was charged with first degree murder.

“I think I was in shock for the first few days. Kind of in denial,” Hoevers said.

She began renting this home to Michael and Heather Jones a year and a half ago. She says they seemed like a nice family who showed interest in buying the home eventually.

“They were very polite, respectful. Didn’t see any issues with them,” Hoevers recalled.

But as she walks through her home, she sees a very different side, a deeply disturbing one.

“I don’t understand it at all,” Hoevers added. “Having little kids myself, I don’t know how anybody could allow their kids to live like this.”

The livestock pen that held chickens and several large pigs is where police found human remains. Although the Wyandotte County coroner has not formally confirmed the remains are 7-year-old Adrian’s, both Heather and Michael were charged with murder in his death.

“I guess you never really know people,” Hoevers said.

Now, all of the Jones’s stuff is left behind. The Hoeverses are trying to pick up the pieces. The once $500,000 property, now unrecognizable.

“We put our entire life-savings into our house. We had a lot of hopes and dreams for it. We wanted someone else to enjoy it. We saw they had kids. Seemed like they would be a good family to try and enjoy it also. It’s…it’s sad,” Hoevers said.

The Hoevers family has started a GoFundMe page, if anyone feels compelled to donate to help them erase the memory of this tragedy.