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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City mother still dealing with the tragedy of losing a daughter almost 18 years ago was hit with more tragic news Wednesday night when officers told her that her oldest daughter had also been murdered.

Cherri West, who spoke to FOX 4 first on Friday, is the mother of Pamela Butler, kidnapped and killed in 1999, and Casey Eaton, shot and killed Wednesday night.

“I can’t believe this has happened to me again,” West said. “You kind of sit back and you wonder what have you done in life for something like this to be done to you.”

West told FOX 4 that Eaton was her rock to rely on.

“Casey was the oldest sister,” West said. “She was my biggest helper. Anything that I needed done, like taking the kids to the dentist, do whatever, she did for me because I work.”

West said when officers called Wednesday night, she never expected to hear that another one of her daughters had been murdered.

“I’m still going through Pammy’s court hearings and things like that,” West said. “It hasn’t ended yet. I’m still dealing with that. And now to have to go through another daughter’s murder trial, and do this all over again, and have two of them to deal with, it’s going to be hard. It’s really going to be hard.”

According to West, Eaton was the one who ran after Keith Nelson when he took Butler from the front of their Kansas City, Kan., home.

“She was screaming down the street, and that’s where the neighbor on the next block come down and started chasing the truck and lost it, but he got the tag number for us,” West said.

“She put her (Casey) with Pammy because that’s where Casey is now, with her sister,” West said talking about a shirt her step-daughter created that shows Butler and Eaton together with the phrase, “R.I.P Daughters.”

Casey leaves behind four children and a grandchild. Her oldest daughter is set to graduate high school in May. Her youngest son, according to West, will likely take his mom’s death the hardest.

“I’m lost, really,” said West, who is still making court appearances in her other daughter’s murder case. “Two daughters to murder. I didn’t think I’d ever have to go through this again. I really didn’t.”

“I just want to think it’s a nightmare, but I know it’s not. I know it’s true,” West added.

When asked how she’s handling the horrific situation she said, “one day at a time, and a lot of prayer into the sky.”

West said she would be setting up service arrangements for Eaton on Friday but hopes to get justice for Eaton.

“I just want them to get the person who done this to my daughter, and I want justice for her,” West said.

West said her third daughter, who is still alive, was in shock and doesn’t want to believe it’s true.

“I just talked to Casey the day before yesterday. I just talked to her,” West said. “When they came and told me I was like, ‘no it can’t be, I just talked to her.'”

A GoFundMe Page has been set up to help pay for Eaton’s funeral. Click here if you’d like to donate.

You can watch FOX 4’s full interview with West in the video player above.