FOX4 and a local chef put Pine Kitchen Company Defrosting Tray to the test

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s summer! That means pool parties and barbecues. If you’re firing up the grill, there’s a product that promises to defrost your favorite meat in less than hour, but does it work? FOX4’s Kerri Stowell teamed up with a local chef to try it before you buy it.

Pine Kitchen Company Defrosting Tray

Jaci Shelby owns a new full service catering and meal prep company called “Simmer Down KC.”

She said she was excited to try the Pine Kitchen Company Defrosting Tray.

“This would have been helpful five minutes ago when I realized everything was still frozen in my freezer,” Jaci joked.

FOX4 purchased the defrosting tray on Amazon for $10.

Jaci opened the box and described what she saw.

“It is literally just a tray. No instructions. And everything on the box is written in Spanish,” she said.

Amazon’s website shows the coated tray is made of enamel and “the best metal scraps.” It promises to defrost frozen food in less than an hour.

“It would save a lot of stress. A lot of space in my kitchen, too,” Jaci said. “When typically you are defrosting something, it takes hours under the running water. This could be really handy.”

Jaci placed a couple steaks, a piece of fish and an ice cube on the tray and set a timer. About 15 minutes later Jaci said, “So far I’m really liking this. It’s not too quick so it’s not attacking the protein itself. It’s doing it nice and slow which makes me feel better about what’s going on here by leaving it in the open air here on the counter top.”

Pine Kitchen Company Defrosting Tray

Another 15 minutes passed and Jaci added, “I’m pretty surprised how quickly it’s been reacting and working. I will say from a chef point of view, you can see the purge that is coming out of that piece of fish already. I’m not very comfortable with that. I would put a cutting board underneath or a kitchen towel. Something to absorb what is coming off the products.”

Kerri asked Jaci if the Pine Kitchen Company Defrosting Tray is worth the money. “Yes, it is,” Jaci responded, “This belongs in a kitchen all day long.”



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