FOX4 and LIFE 88.5 find out if Full Crystal Window Cleaner deserves a shining review

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Ready to add windows to your spring cleaning checklist? There’s a product that promises to make it a breeze — no ladder needed!

But does it work? FOX4’s Kerri Stowell teams up with T.J. and Melony from LIFE 88.5 to try it before you by it.

T.J. and Melony took their heavenly voices from the studio to a picturesque home in Overland Park for the experiment.

“I think it’s been a really long time since I’ve washed my windows. I hope that it works. That’s the big thing,” Melony said.

The Fuller Brush Company claims Full Crystal Window Cleaner is the fastest, easiest way to clean all of your windows in minutes.

The secret, the company says, is in the Fuller cleaning crystals that dissolve dust, pollen, dirt and grime in no time. The company also claims the product is completely safe for plants, lawn, shrubs and flowers.

FOX4 bought Full Crystal Window Cleaner at Bed Bath & Beyond for $20.

T.J. and Melony opened the box and read the instructions.

“‘Under-rinsing may leave soap residue. Over-rinsing may remove the sheeting agent.’ Oh, a sheeting agent! It sounds exciting,” Melony said.

“This is the nozel I guess,” T.J. added. “You hook it up to the hose on this side. This doesn’t look as fancy as I thought it would.”

Then T.J. and Melony got to work. They poured the cleaning crystals into the bottle, mixed in some water as instructed and attached it to a garden hose.

“It’s very slimy,” T.J. said, describing the feeling of the mixture. “Basically like if you would pour Palmolive on your hand while you’re washing the dishes. That’s what it feels like to me.”

T.J. and Melony simply aimed the garden hose, sprayed the cleaner and walked away. A few minutes later, they rinsed the cleaner off the windows with a hose.

“It’s streak free possibly. It did say on the box it was going to be streak free. I don’t see that one being nearly the same,” T.J. said, pointing to a window they didn’t wash with Full Crystal.

Then Kerri asked T.J. and Melony the big question: Is Full Crystal Window Cleaner worth the money?

The verdict was split.

“I would say it’s worth the money if you have a second story house,” T.J. said.

But Melony had a different opinion: “I wouldn’t spend the money. Not on that. I’d spend the money on somebody doing it for me.”

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