FOX4 gets an inside look at KCPD patrol on Independence Day

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — While most enjoyed a holiday on Thursday, it was no day off for Kansas City police officers. Days like the Fourth of July heighten patrols.

FOX 4’s Sharifa Jackson tagged along with KCPD officers Austin Bax and Malcolm Whitelaw as they patrolled the streets.

Officers at Metro Patrol placed extra emphasis on illegal gunplay.

“Let’s go into these areas and be very cautious. Once we get into these areas and determine it’s not gunplay, it’s just fireworks, let’s do our best to mediate the situation. It’s Fourth of July, we want them to celebrate, we just want them to do it safely,” said Sergeant Chris Hayes with KCPD.

Officers say firework calls usually keep them busy during the holidays. This Independence Day proved to be no different. FOX4 was there as officers responded to a number of calls about fireworks, mistaken as gunfire.

Officers also responded to a number of disturbances on Manchester Avenue and Hardesty Avenue.

“It’s unpredictable. Kind of play every day by ear, pretty much,” said Officer Whitelaw.

Between the calls of disturbances, fireworks and shots fired, the officers found time to put a smile on some children’s faces, stopping to play basketball, and give out baseball cards.

On average, officers respond to around 300 calls every Fourth of July.

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