FOX4 Love Fund gifts local 7-year-old boy with adaptive tricycle


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Da’Martae has a new set of wheels.

The 7-year-old has a severe form of cerebral palsy, and needed an adaptive tricycle to exercise, according to Katrina Bellem, his physical therapist at the Hickman Mills School District.

“It allows him to get out and ride with his brother, hopefully with other kids. It can help with his range of motion, his strength, his coordination and his endurance.”

The problem? The trike was too expensive.

“When I looked up the bike, I was going to try and get him a bike myself, I said, ‘Oh my god, there’s no way I can afford this,’” said Rayna Garrett, Da’Martae’s grandmother.

That’s where the FOX4 Love Fund came in.

“His grandma actually approached me. She’d also seen him ride the adaptive bike when he goes to therapy at Children’s Mercy. She approached me about the means to get one from home, and I’d heard of Love Fund, so I contacted them,” Bellem said.

Rayna said the trike will help Da’Martae go more places.

“It took me a minute to teach him how to walk, but he got it and now he’s mastered to climb the steps. He’s still kind of scared to go down a few if you hold his hand, and so now he’ll be able to get around much, much more and give me and grandpa a break.”

The donation of Da’Martae’s trike was made possible by the the FOX4 Love Fund and the Bacchaus Foundation.



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