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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Congratulations, Abby!

FOX4 Morning Show anchor Abby Eden announced her third pregnancy today, April 14. Her family is welcoming a new baby boy in October.

Her announcement, blended into a sports segment, left the other anchors shocked. Watch the video embedded in this story.

“The defense started to make a change from man-to-man to zone because our team is growing by one, leaving the parents out numbered,” she said.

On the Morning Show, Abby said she figures she will have a family of basketball players, given that both she and her husband are pretty tall.

“My husband and I are switching our defense from ‘Man’ to ‘Zone.’ Baby Boy is joining our team in October! We are thrilled!” Abby posted on her Facebook page with a picture of her ultrasound.

Abby also gave birth to a new baby boy in 2020. She said her daughter, Dottie, is excited and loves her baby brother.