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GARDENER, Kan. — A Franklin County Corrections employee was charged on Thursday with abusing a one-year-old child.

Christopher Lambie, 23, is charged in Johnson County with one count of felony child abuse. On Thursday afternoon, Franklin County Sheriff Jeff Richards said that Lambie was fired. He had been on administrative leave since April 20 pending the outcome of the criminal investigation against him.

According to the affidavit, Lambie is the boyfriend of the child’s mother. Police were contacted by the baby’s caregivers, who were concerned Lambie was abusing the baby. They provided pictures of the baby that showed he had significant bruising to his head, legs and buttocks.

When officers interviewed Lambie,they say he told officers that he was giving the boy a bath and that the boy began to flail and hit his head on the water spout. Both Lambie’s mother and mother of the baby told police they also witnessed the baby falling at the park and hitting his head in the bathtub.

Police, though, said the magnitude of the injuries was greater than the explanation provided by the defendant, the baby’s mother and defendant’s mother.

Officers interviewed Lambie again and also Amanda Organ, the child’s mother, who acknowledged that her child’s bruises coincided with her relationship with Lambie.

On April 20, police say Lambie admitted that he slammed the child in the bathtub. They say he also admitted slamming the child down on the floor. According to police, Lambie told them he was frustrated because he had no prior experience watching children and was very tired due to working midnight shifts and then being with the child all day.

His bond was set at $25,000.