Friend recounts finding 18-year-old shot to death in front of Prairie Village school

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PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. — Police spent hours in a Johnson County neighborhood Tuesday after finding the body of an 18-year-old in front of a school.

Prairie Village police said there was a shooting near Reinhardt and Somerset Drive where someone killed 18-year-old Kiven Maquial.

“From what I understand, it was a drug deal gone wrong,” 19-year-old Trinity Anderson said.

Anderson said Maquial was staying with her family. They’ve known each other since middle school.

“We were keeping him safe and out of the way because we didn’t want him hurt,” Anderson said. “Unfortunately, it didn’t end up that way.”

Anderson heard a handful of gunshots early Tuesday morning.

“They were just like loud booms,” Anderson said. “It just sounded like a car misfiring.”

Worried after hearing the gunshots, Anderson and her brother went to look for Maquial around the Highlawn Montessori School.

“We found him just laying on the ground. He bled out to death apparently,” Anderson said.

Danger didn’t stay in the parking lot Tuesday morning.

A neighbor sent FOX4 a picture that showed a hole where a bullet went through their wall. They live across the street from where the body was found.

“A little concerned. I didn’t think stuff like that happened in this area,” Joe Mack said. “Kind of in shock still.”

Mack said this situation is out of the ordinary. It’s usually a quiet neighborhood.

“To wake up to the police presence and such is a bit surprising,” Distin Gaito said.

Gaito said he’s shocked but believes this was an isolated incident and feels like it’s still a safe place to live.

Meanwhile, Anderson tries to move forward after losing a friend, who she said got caught up with the wrong crowd.

“He was young and he didn’t deserve that,” Anderson said. “It’s crazy he’s just gone now and we’re just trying to pick up the pieces,” Anderson said.

Prairie Village police spent at least six hours canvassing the area. They had taped off the backyards of three houses across the street from the school.

If you have any helpful information, call the Prairie Village Police Department or the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS.



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