Friends and family devastated, confused after 24-year-old killed in KC after being robbed

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Why? That’s the question friends and family are grappling with after a 24-year-old Kansas City man was robbed and then fatally shot.

Police said three people in a maroon SUV pulled up and robbed 24-year-old Zach Pearce and a friend. They didn’t fight back. They didn’t run. The two turned over all of their belongings.

Regardless, Pearce was shot and killed late Sunday night just steps from his apartment near 40th and Walnut in Kansas City. The homicide was Kansas City’s 134th this year.

“No person should feel like this ever, no person, no person, even the person who did it should not feel like this,” Pearce’s father said.

Joe Pearce said it was the moment his worst nightmare became a reality. He said his son had been robbed once before near Westport, and he had a feeling it would happen again.

“We begged him to move from the city, begged him,” Pearce said.

Then at 3:30 Monday morning, two detectives showed up at this door saying his son was dead.

“He probably didn’t have a lot of money on him,” Pearce said. “Thirty, fifty, sixty, eighty dollars — Is that worth a human life? That part I can not get my head around.”

On Monday, several of Pearce’s friends and family gathered to remember the 24-year-old who they say was the heart and soul of the group.

“He was the kindest guy, you know? He was so kind,” friend Chelsey Wendelin said.

Brianna McCarter said her favorite thing to do with Pearce was listen to music.

“He bought me my first record payer and my first set of vinyls, and we would always go to concerts together,” she said.

While McCarter was talking about their shared love of music, the clock on the wall began playing a Beatles song.

“It is kind of the perfect song though, ‘Let it be,'” she said.

“It is crazy. I don’t know why you would shoot someone who gave you what you wanted,” friend Cameron Cox said. “It’s crazy. It doesn’t make sense.”

Now all that’s left are memories of the man his friends could count on and always made them smile.

“When I was 16, I got pregnant. He helped plan me a baby shower, which I found really funny,” Samantha Vinson said. “He was the only guy there, and he made me balloon arches, and I remember he got me this bib that said ‘My mom is hotter than your mom.’ I wish I still had that.”



In the meantime, Pearce’s friends and family hope someone comes forward.

“If anyone that knows anything or that did this has a loved one, please understand what you did,” Joe Pearce said. “Please come forward and help me to just have some peace with my son.”

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