Friends, family and complete strangers stop at KC intersection where woman was hit to honor her life

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Friends and family are remembering a 38-year-old woman as someone who loved her son. Erika Smith was hit and killed on her way to work on Tuesday morning.

The crash happened at 41st and The Paseo around 7:15am. Smith’s friends, family, and even complete strangers are honoring her life and brought balloons, flowers, and other gifts on Wednesday to the intersection where she was hit.

They say they want to make sure Erika Smith is not forgotten.

“I knew her from my daughter, they went to school together,” said Deborah West.

West is one of many people who stopped at the tree to remember Smith. The tree that stands outside the apartment complex where Smith lived is now decorated to honor her memory.

“I live across the street there, and we all were all sitting out watching it,” West said.

A car hit Smith as she crossed the street from her apartment to catch the bus for her job in downtown Kansas City.

“It`s just so awful, losing anybody hurts, but she was a single mother trying to get back and forth to the bus to go to work,” West said.

Neighbors say they feel awful for her loved ones.

“It`s just a shame she lost her life out here like that,” said neighbor Gary Jamison.

“It`s just a sad feeling, I just felt really sad for the family,” added Brenda Johnson.

West says her daughter grew up with Smith but was too upset to talk about what happened.

“Honey, she fell apart when she found that out,” West said.

Friends say Smith was a loving mother, and worked two jobs.

“She was trying to get to work and get her son to school, because he had missed the bus,” West said. “She loved her son, she loved him dearly.”

Family, friends, and coworkers will be gathering here after work on Wednesday to remember Smith.



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