KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A North Kansas City gym, the Strong Barbell Club, hosted a memorial workout this afternoon to honor one of their own, late officer Daniel Vasquez.

The Strong Barbell Club was Vasquez’s happy place.

Eddie Barajas met Vasquez while powerlifting and became instant friends.

“Me and him worked out together almost four years straight, almost every single day,” Barajas said.

But the Strong Barbell Club lost one of its own Tuesday. Vasquez, a North Kansas City officer was shot and killed by Joshua Rocha while attempting to make a traffic stop.

The news, upsetting to those who knew him.

“He always wanted to be a cop, he never stopped talking about it and then he did it. And then some guy took him away. It’s not very often you see somebody chase their dream, reach and then lose it,” Said Jeff Frank, a member at the gym.

“I’m really sad that he’s gone. He was he was a good guy. And I’m gonna miss the hell out of him,” another gym member said.

Sunday afternoon, his friends and supporters, gathered and did what Vasquez loved, working out.

These athletes pushed it to the limits, all in Danny’s honor.

“There was a lot of emotion going in it. I’m going to be honest, before we got started, I was holding back tears,” said gym member Matthew Burns.

“This workout is something that Danny would do everyday. The pain going through this is nothing with the emotional trauma that everyone is going through,” said Anthony Overbay, also a member at the Strong Barbell Club.

“This is one of the hardest things I’ve done. Squat 1200 was easier than doing this.

(JP Price – Co-Owner of Strong Barbell Club)
“The thing that keeps touching me over and over is he wasn’t the kind of guy that would have thought anybody would ever do this for him and the kind of impact that he left,” said JP Price, co-owner of the Strong Barbell Club.

Barajas says Vasquez’s name is forever etched on him, literally.

“I know danny would have liked it too,” Barajas said, referring to his tatoo.

Barajas will look to keep Vasquez’s legacy alive at the gym.

“Oh, Danny, Danny will always have a place here. This is always his home and his, as long as I’m here, his name will ever fade.”