Friend of beloved comic store owner grows tearful remembering his last words

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Kansas City comic family is remembering one of its longtime members one day after the man was killed outside his comic book shop.

Jim Cavanaugh ran Clint's Comics for decades at 39th and Main. He died at Friday afternoon after police say someone robbed the store. Cavanaugh followed the person outside, but the driver sped with the driver door open. Police say the door knocked Cavanaugh onto the pavement where he hit his head.

Jim's longtime friends said they didn't know where else to go Saturday besides the very place that defined him. Steve Daniels said, "He's here today. He's here. This is Jim. This is Jim Cavanaugh. This is his place."

Clint's Comics was open Saturday but it was far from business as usual. Daniels showed Fox 4 the front desk; the place where Jim's glasses and hat still hang.

"This is the last of him. His drink, his drink is still sitting there. His lunch box still sitting there," Daniels said.

Daniels said he's been helping Jim sort out comic books every Tuesday and Wednesday for years. He's having a hard time accepting how his friend died.

Daniels said, "I heard the news yesterday and my heart just fell out of my body. Everyone that walked through that door that came in every week was not just a friend. They were family to him."

His friends milled around the store Saturday while customers trolled aisles and bins. While the lights were on and the register was working, it was very clear the place was operating without its most valuable asset.

Daniels recalls his last conversation with Cavanaugh.

"He said, 'I’ll see you next Tuesday.' Well when Tuesday rolls around, I’m not going to see him. It’s pretty sad."

Through that raw grief, Daniels and the rest of Cavanaugh's comic family is hoping this isn't the last chapter of the story.

"I hope they find the guy and I hope he pays for it. Because he took a lot from us."



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