Friends remember Treyvon Mays as popular student and talented athlete

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SHAWNEE, Kan. — A metro high school student is being remembered after drowning in a Shawnee neighborhood lake Tuesday evening.

Treyvon Mays, a senior at Shawnee Mission Northwest High School, drowned at Lake View Estates lake near 56th and Widmer while swimming with friends.

On Wednesday, FOX 4’s Shannon O’Brien spoke with friends as they remembered the standout athlete who dreamed of playing college ball and maybe even going pro.

“I miss him already. I just can’t believe he’s gone,” said Steven Oropeza.

“I expected going into school and him coming up and giving me a big hug, and he wasn’t there,” Eleanor Robson said.

Mays’ drowning came as a shock to his friends, considering, as they said, he couldn’t swim.

“Treyvon can’t swim. He doesn’t like getting into pools so I was kind of surprised that he had gone into the lake,” Robson explained.

“At that point, my heart just stopped, and honestly, just had to break down crying,” Oropeza recalled upon hearing the news.

Mays, his friends said, was a star athlete, number 9 on the Shawnee Mission Northwest football team, and a talented basketball player.

CJ Johnston remembered Mays’ slick moves on the basketball court.

“He used to try all sorts of moves,” Johnston recalled. “He’d always bounce the ball off his knee and try to cross someone up and it was weird sometimes.”

A one-on-one basketball game is one of Oropeza’s favorite memories of Mays, who he calls a brother.

“He crossed over and he made me fall,” Oropeza said. “The whole gym went crazy. They were like, “Ah! He made you fall!” and I just couldn’t help but laugh because he finally, he’d been wanting to do that to me for a long time. Made me fall.”

He was a popular teen not just for his athletic prowess, but also for his ability to brighten everyone’s day.

“He would just light up the room when he smiled,” Oropeza said. “He was a jokester so he brought joy to everybody.”

“He’s not like other people, he’s a really special boy. He’s so kind and kind-hearted and I think his name should be remembered for a very long time,” Robson said.

An autopsy will be performed to determine if perhaps Mays had a medical condition, or any other factors that may have led to his drowning.

Friends gathered for a vigil around 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday at the lake where Mays died.

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