Friends Say They Miss Lawrence Man, Missing Since Saturday

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LAWRENCE, Kan. – 23 year-old Yelekal Alemu, known as “Kal,” has been missing from Lawrence since Saturday.  His friends and family say it’s not like him to not keep in touch, and it’s definitely not in Kal’s nature to blow off important plans.  That has police concerned and looking for clues.

Kal’s roommate and best friend, Senanem Gizaw was quick to call police when Kal’s mother said he’d missed a family reunion Saturday afternoon.

“There was a reason we were friends for a long time, so I don’t know.  Just a good guy.”

Senanem says Kal wouldn’t have missed seeing his family.  Lawrence police say they hear the same thing from everyone who knew him.

“He was very much in touch with friends and family, very reliable, and so they immediately became concerned,” Trent McKinley from the Lawrence Police Department said.

Lawrence police continue to look for Kal with search dogs near the area they found his car Saturday night southeast of Lawrence.  Police aren’t ruling out that Kal could have run away, but they say it’s strange since he made a lot of important plans for the week.

“The fact that he’s lost communication with his family and that he’s not making these appointments, everyone is very concerned at this point,” McKinley explained.

Missing posters with Kal Alemu’s picture line Massachusetts Street in Lawrence, even on Buffalo Wild Wings’ door, where a police report says Kal worked.  The posters ask for help in finding a guy who lights up a room.

“He’s the kind of guy that everybody always talks to when he walks in the room.  Always got a joke, pretty funny,” Senanem said.

Friends and family say all they want is to know Kal’s safe.

“We love him.  We care about him.  We just want him to be safe,” Senanem said.

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