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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — The Kansas Highway Patrol said a 26-year-old woman not only fell out of a party bus Saturday night on Interstate 35, but three cars ran over her as her friends watched in horror.

“We had cars on the right and the left hand side.  There was nothing we could do.  We hit her,” said Jeanette Hernandez, a witness to the incident.

Scout camera video captured the deadly scene Saturday night as the Kansas Highway Patrol and other emergency personnel shut down the northbound lanes of I-35 near Southwest Boulevard.

Police said Jamie Frecks, 26, fell out of the emergency door of a party bus and landed onto the highway where three vehicles ran over her.

Investigators said Frecks was on the bus with 15 other women celebrating at a  friend’s bachelorette party.

“It was somebody’s daughter, mother, sister.  It’s just hard,”  Hernandez told FOX 4 News.

Miguel Herandez was driving on I-35 when he saw the vehicle in front of him hit something and seconds later, his vehicle hit what he later discovered was Frecks’ body.

Police say he was the only driver who pulled over to find out what happened, while the other two vehicles that hit Frecks drove away.

“I saw he tried to avoid something, but there was nothing he can do.  Nothing I can do.  So he just ran over it and I ran over it.  I didn’t know what it was,” Miguel Hernandez said.

Hernandez told FOX 4 News the highway was dark and it happened so fast, he didn’t have time to react.

“I just can’t understand how people can leave.  After they realized what they hit, they left,” Jeanette Hernandez said.  “And the biggest part that gets to me is, how can you leave her?”

Jeanette Hernandez said it was a horrifying sight with Frecks’ friends screaming on the side of the highway, trying to get vehicles to stop.

“It was crazy.  Cars were just going and we could still hear her being hit,” she said.

Frecks’ aunt told FOX 4 News that the woman had a five-week-old baby girl, a fiance and a host of family and friends who loved her.

Over the next several weeks, investigators will try to find out how Frecks fell out of the party bus.

Police would also like to talk to the other two drivers who struck Frecks, but chose to drive away.

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