Frigid temperatures proving challenging for snow crews

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Crews have been working overnight and throughout Thursday to clear streets across the metro.

Frigid temperatures are posing some challenges to cleaning off the pavement.

Heavier snowfall is east of the metro, and already plows have made a couple of passes through neighborhood streets on the east side.

“There are some snow packed areas,” said Beth Breitenstein of the Kansas City public works department. “That’s really just a symptom of the temperatures. These frigid temperatures don’t allow chemicals to work as well as we’d like.  No matter what we put down, we’ve been using salt and calcium. Calcium hopefully kind of kicks salt into gear a little bit make that more effective. With these frigid temperatures and the wind we are feeling down here now that just makes that effort a little bit harder.”

Residential crews started plowing at 6 a.m. And thanks to light traffic many of the major thoroughfares are clean down to the pavement.

Workers are hoping for a little more sunshine to help melt snow that the plows can’t push aside.

In places where the snow has been packed down, slippery conditions can pose a hazard for drivers.

“The sun will do as much as anything else so we hope for that,” said Tim Gramling, Independence public works director. “I know right now they are talking that it will be kinda partly cloudy. The more sun we can get during the day it really it helps that salt we put down really start to work and melt it off.”

Crews will continue to work overnight to respond to any refreezing and continued slick spots.

If there’s on street parking in your Kansas City neighborhood, the city asks that you try to park on the north or west sides of the street, to allow plows to get through.

Kansas City Manager Troy Schulte even is pitching in with some hands-on storm response. He worked behind the wheel of a snow plow clearing streets around Westport.



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