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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — This is the 5th year that Draque’s Barber Shop has put on the Holiday Harvest Event.

The owner said he just wants to make kids smile by giving them presents for under the tree and a nice haircut for the holidays.

Christmas time can be financially tough for some families, and Draque Murff knows first hand what it’s like to not have presents under the tree.

“I know what it’s like to be poor, to be under privileged, and to wake up Christmas morning and not get nothing,” Murff said.

And just for a day, Draque’s Babershop turned into Santa’s Toy Shop. Kids that stopped by got to choose a few items from the mountain of toys.

“Seeing their eyes light up when they see presents and things like that… it simply just warms my heart,” Murff said.

But Murff didn’t just play Santa… he provided the kids with what his business does best — haircuts.

“There’s something special when you can instill confidence and charisma in an individual,” Murff said.

Parents say that Murff’s generosity is a gift for them too, because it takes a little pressure off their shoulders during the holidays.

“It’s very nice to have a barber shop to not only give out toys but they also give out free haircuts,” One parent said. “There are kids out here that their parents cannot afford haircuts every week or even around Christmas time. It gets hard.”

Murff says that as long as he’s able to, he’ll help his community and the children in need. And he hopes he can inspire others to do so as well.

“We all have the ability to help others by one small act of kindness at a time, it can not only change our lives but change the lives of future generations,” Murff said.