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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Some local shoppers say they’re already spending extra money, assuming they’ll get another stimulus payment from the government.

Despite the chilly temperatures, there’s been a lot of foot traffic at the Country Club Plaza the last few days. Many of those last-minute shoppers getting gifts are banking on that stimulus check.

It won’t be wrapped in a pretty package and bow, but many people are looking forward to a stimulus check in the mail. But some are concerned with the amount on the check.

“A lot of people are struggling, and $600 is like a months rent for a lot of places,” Alex Perri said. “So I don’t know. It maybe would help you for a month, but then what after that.”

Perri said he’s pretty much spent the money he expects to receive.

But Sam Komosa said not so much.

“No, I haven’t,” Komosa said laughing. “No.”

He’ll believe it when he sees it in the mail.

“Just with how long the talks have gone on to come up with a stimulus plan, you just never know until it actually happens,” Komosa said.

This money matters for the people trying to make ends meet, but also for small, local businesses like Made in KC Marketplace.

“You’ve got to spend money to get the economy going,” Komosa said.

Made in KC employee Taylor Becvar said they’ve been lucky and stayed busy.

“Honestly, whenever the government’s giving you more money, they’re going to spend more money. So I’m like, ‘yeah, give us the money.'”

Kristin Forsen and her family have plans to save and pay bills.

“I think any amount is helpful,” Forsen said. “Any type of relief, any aid to be passed soon would be really helpful, too, especially to our family.”

A lot is at stake. CARES Act aid for struggling families and small businesses runs out the day after Christmas. And if a bill isn’t passed, the U.S. also faces a possible government shutdown Dec. 29.