KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With the Kansas City Chiefs set to take on the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII, Great Plains SPCA will be launching a game of its own to help pets in need. 

Shelter supporters have the chance to win up to $300 by placing a bet in the Puppy Pooper Bowl. 

The shelter is hosting a game of chance for bettors to guess where the droppings of shelter pets will land. 

Great Plains has created a field made up of 441 , 1′ x 1′ squares. Participants will purchase the squares of their choice and the shelter will release puppies onto the field. If your square is the first to be pooped on, you’ll win a prize. 

The first square to be hit when “nature calls” will win $300 or half the pot, whichever is less. The second square to be hit with doody will win a Great Plains SPCA goodie basket. The first square to be peed in will win a dog water bottle and bowl. 

Squares are on sale now and can be purchased through the shelter’s website. The Puppy Pooper Bowl kicks-off on Sunday, Feb 12 at 11 a.m. 

Check out the Great Plains SPCA Facebook page Sunday morning as Scott Poore provides a play-by-play of the pooper bowl on Facebook Live.