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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s a huge hassle that nobody wants to deal with, especially on New Year’s Day.

“We were just having a good get together with the family, enjoying the New Year. We then heard a big, crashing clank sound. We really didn’t know what it was,” Donald Clark said.

Clark later discovered that just after the stroke of midnight, amid all the celebratory gunfire outside his home near 23rd and Stark, a stray bullet caused a lot of damage.

“It just came out of nowhere, hit the front left tire on my work van, went under my roommate’s suburban that was parked right beside my car, under his vehicle and right into my garage. I just couldn’t believe. We still haven’t found the bullet,” Clark said.

The KC dad isn’t worried about the bullet. He’s just glad his two little boys weren’t playing in the basement at the time.

“I’m very relieved. I mean, that’s all material things. I’m glad my family’s safe,” Clark said.

About 6 miles away on Kansas City’s east side, Candice and Dylon Adams also spent New Year’s Day assessing damage they say was caused by celebratory gunfire.

“We were inside her home just having a good time, ringing in the New Year and watching TV when we heard all this gunfire,” Candice Adams said. “We then came out this morning, and we were getting to run some errands and saw the back window on our Mazda SUV was just shattered, glass was everywhere.”

The KC couple isn’t happy.

“I just wish people would celebrate the holiday another way,” Candice Adams said.

“It’s just dangerous, very dangerous. Bullets go up, and they must come down — and nobody knows where they will end up,” Clark said.