Fundraiser for Pleasant Hill teens killed in crash raises thousands


PLEASANT HILL, Mo. — The Pleasant Hill community was devastated after a crash killed two local teenagers. Now, they’re rallying around the families in the form of a fundraiser.

Pleasant Hill Creamery is where Reyna Oliver and Chloey Schorr worked.

“These girls were incredible, incredible workers. Loyal, always on time, did a great job when they’re here,” owner Daniel Bucher said.

When Schorr started working at Pleasant Hill Creamery, she convinced Bucher to hire Oliver, too.

Their deaths Wednesday, as the result of a tragic crash, shocked the community. That same community is now pulling together. Pleasant Hill Creamery is donating 50% of their proceeds Friday to the families to pay for funeral costs.

Before the dinner rush, Pleasant Hill Creamery had raised $6,000 for the cause. In total, they expect to raise nearly $12,000.

Bucher said people have been incredibly generous, not only with their money, but by donating labor as well.

“It’s amazing how many people here today want to work for free,” he said. “I got a kid here that’s going to wash dishes tonight, and he said he wants to donate his money tonight to go to them.”



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