Furby: Alive Again in 2012

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Uh oh! Furby is back!

When my now-17-year-old daughter was itty bitty, she got Furby as a gift. We tried to keep it alive, but our schedule was crazy and we didn’t do a very good job tending to its needs, feeding it, talking to it in its Furby-language.

We tried to like it, but it actually scared my daughter.  There was one day when it woke up from its slumber; its eyelids flew open and it began talking to her when she was alone in her room. She started to cry and ran to me and wanted me to take it away!

Click here to see the new Furby.

Over the weekend, my other daughter discovered that Furby is back and decided she wants one. (We still have the old one for memories’ sake, but it hasn’t come alive in years.) We never got little sister one, having learned from experience that it can catch you off guard and spook little ones.  Little sister is 15 now, though, so I think (I think?) she can handle its odd timing and eyes. But can I?

I guess I’ll try again. The first item on her Christmas list, I suppose.



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