Gaping sinkhole closes Missouri highway, Johnson County officials blame flooding

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JOHNSON COUNTY, Mo. — A large sinkhole has appeared in a rural Missouri highway on July 5, and officials are blaming flooding.

AA Highway has been shut down north of Highway 58, just west of Kingsville, after part of the road collapsed.

Video from the FOX4 drone shows the just how deep the hole is. The crumbled asphalt gives way to several feet of broken rock and earth. Water can be seen rushing under the road through a drainage tunnel.

This isn’t the only road that has been damaged. Route E between route MM and route CC, and Highway 23 between NE 950 and NE 1125 have also been closed due to flooding, according to a Facebook post by the Johnson County Emergency Management Agency. 

The hole on AA Highway opened up right next to the rail line, Robin Sechrest Stevenson, a nearby resident, said. See her photos in the gallery.

  • Photo of Johnson county road damage

A Facebook post from the Warrensburg Fire Department states that as much as 7.5 inches of rain have fallen in the last 36 hours. Warrensburg is 30 miles east of the sinkhole.



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