GARDNER, Kan. — It started with a Gardner police call to tow a broken down van.

Turns out it would be much more than that.

It’s just a red van to you, but to one woman it’s almost everything.

A lady, who didn’t want to share her name, has all of her belongings inside.

It’s this same van that sort of changed her life around on Thursday.

“Following the rules sometimes not necessarily means that we solve the problems,” the woman said.

Workers at Marvin’s Tow Service got a call from Grandview police to tow the van off of private property.

“We towed the vehicle in, and the law said we have to see proof of ownership since she wanted her vehicle back which has all of her possessions in it,” Marvin Vail, owner of Marvin’s Tow Service, said.

Tow truck drivers soon learned her van is where she was currently staying and had no place to go, so they got her a room at a local hotel for the night until the morning.

Danielle put a community post up on Facebook to see if they would step up and they always do,” Vail said.
Hours later people started donating their cash and time.

“They really went beyond imaginable expectations of the person who’s at help,” said the woman.

The local O’Reilly Auto Parts donated car parts for the van’s alternator, and controller for the driver’s side window to be fixed.

A local auto shop volunteered to work on the van as well for free.

The woman told FOX4 the past few years have been rough and her van breaking down was too much.

A condo she used to own ended up in foreclosure over a dispute involving flood insurance.

So, since 2018, she’s been living in between homes.

Now she can end the week, knowing many good people still care about kindness, and helping others.

The tow truck company created a GoFundMe to help this woman get back on her feet.