GARDNER, Kan. — A school crossing guard is hospitalized after being hit by a car near an elementary school.

The Gardner Edgerton School District notified families about the incident Thursday morning.

According to the district, a car hit the crossing guard at the intersection of Madison and Buckeye, just east of Madison Elementary School.

Gardner Community Policing Officer John Stimatz said this situation appears to be completely accidental.

“The driver advised that as he was approaching the intersection that the sun got into his eyes, and he never saw the crossing guard step out into traffic to stop traffic,” Stimatz said in an interview with FOX4 Thursday.

The district did not know the extent of the crossing guard’s injuries, but said he was conscious when emergency crews arrived.

A letter to district families below shows Dave Peavy was the crossing guard hit Thursday morning. 

Community members said the situation is very sad.

“He’s always a very genuine person,” Gardner resident Vicky Minden said in an interview with FOX4 Thursday. 

Minden has kids in the district and lives near the intersection. She saw emergency crews respond to the scene after it happened around 7:50 a.m. According to the district website, Peavy was recognized in October 2021 by a teacher. 

“He is happy every day,” Minden said. “If he has a bad day, you’d never know it. He always yells, ‘Have a nice day’ every time somebody drives by.”

Minden also believes that the sun in this area is challenging, especially when you’re driving east on Madison in the morning. 

“When I’m out like turning out to take a right, you have to look, and yeah, it’s really hard. I joke with the kids, ‘Oh yeah kids. Put your retina blinders on,'” she continued.

Because of Peavy’s absence, a Gardner police officer was seen monitoring traffic for students walking home from school in the afternoon.

Peavy was not an employee of the school district or the city. School districts often hire out workers to be crossing guards. Peavy was part of a third party company, called All City Management Services. Area Supervisor Rhonda Thompson has not said how Peavy’s doing.

Stimatz would not officially say whether the driver will be arrested.

The district asked families to talk to their students about what happened. Counseling and additional services are available through the district for any student who may need it.

Good morning, GEHS and MDE Families.

As you may already know, the crossing guard who serves our students at the intersection of Madison and Buckey, Dave Peavy, was struck by a car this morning.

EMS responded to the scene and immediately began treatment. When they arrived, Mr. Peavy was conscious and the crew covered him with a blanket to provide warmth.

That is all we know at this time, but will continue to seek updates throughout the day.

If your student needs support, please contact any of our counseling or administrative staff.

Sorry to start the day with bad news. Please keep Dave in your thoughts.

Thank you.

Gardner Edgerton School District