GARDNER, Kan. — The Gardner Edgerton School District has adopted a new policy in hopes of preventing potential opioid overdoses. 

Monday the school board voted to approve amending district policy to allow for the emergency use of naloxone, a nasal spray commonly known by the brand name Narcan. 

Following suit with more than a dozen other school districts in the metro, Gardner Edgerton is the last school district in Johnson County to adopt a policy related to Narcan use. 

Superintendent Dr. Brian Huff said the district is also working with Johnson County Mental Health to increase support services in each school building. 

“We want to provide assistance to our students to avoid an issue in the first place. We would hope that our parents here would work with us also. When you notice your student is having trouble and might be potentially abusing drugs, call us in as an assistance. We can partner with you to help students to avoid these sorts of issues to begin with,” Huff said.  

The district will now work with Johnson County EMS Medical Director Dr. Ryan Jacobsen to train school nurses on the administration of Narcan. If a trained staff member administers Narcan nasal spray, the new district policy will require a call to 911 and for the school to notify the student’s parents or legal guardians.