GARDNER, Kan. — A Johnson County, Kansas man is searching for his robotic lawnmower after he said it was taken from his front yard.

If the lawn looks a little long in the front yard, Watson said it’s because his robotic lawnmower was stolen.

“Put it back, save me the trouble and the headache. Save yourself the trouble and the headache, maybe it was a mistake, maybe it wasn’t,” Watson said.

Watson said it cost $2,000.

On Wednesday at 8 a.m., Watson got a geofence alert that the robot was no longer in his yard.

He checked the cameras and saw why. A man walks up to the mower on the corner of White Drive and Skylark Street near the stop sign and takes it.

“He was just walking over, looked underneath to inspect it I guess,” Watson said, “and just took it.”

He said that person Looked like they were wearing an Amazon vest, but he wasn’t driving a company vehicle. Watson said the man took off in a black Audi SUV.

Amazon said they hire people to do contract work on behalf of Amazon, but they don’t know if anyone was working in the area at that time. The company is looking into it.

Meantime, Gardner police tell FOX4 they will investigate. Watson filed a police report.

He said it’s the second time this year a robot lawnmower has been taken out of his yard.

“It’s a brick when it’s outside of my house,” Watson said. “So, I’m sure it’s just going to be dumped.”

The last search turned up empty.

But unlike the first mower, Watson said this one had GPS and it’s been on the move. The company said it pinged in Olathe and on Wednesday afternoon, in Kansas City, Missouri.

“So, they can see its exact movement where it’s at,” Watson said. “If it’s going to end up in a pawn shop, or if they realize it doesn’t work and they throw it in a creek.”

While Watson hopes the person will just return the mower, he said the company is sending him a new one next week.