NEW CENTURY, Kan. — Despite the soaring temperatures, pilots and crews at the Garmin Air Show put on a spectacular display this weekend.

One star of the show is the giant Chinook Helicopters that are on the flight line. Some of the helicopters are stationed in Gardner, so you often see and hear them in the skies, especially in Johnson County.

One of the most impressive military jets in the show is the Lightning II F-35B. It’s a cutting-edge, high-tech stealth fighter that can land vertically.

“It does the short takeoffs and vertical landings. We predominantly use it off of smaller aircraft carriers as well as if we needed to go somewhere fairly austere with shorter runways or potentially a road,” Major Sean Callison said.

The Lightning II Stealth Fighter is flown by a single pilot and has sensors that pilots said give them exceptional situational awareness of the battle space.

The aircraft has classified technology, so photographers aren’t allowed within 25-feet of it.

With the extreme temperatures this weekend, the air show is prepared for anything that could happen due to the heat. The show has free water, EMT personnel, a cooling bus and a refueling station.