KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A bit of good news for drivers in the Kansas City metro: According to GasBuddy’s latest report, gas prices are decreasing across the country.

GasBuddy’s Head of Petroleum Patrick De Haan said the decline comes as we see gasoline demand easing into the cooler months and transition back to cheaper winter gasoline.

“The national average has fallen about 3 cents a gallon since the last week, but Kansas City is down about 12 cents a gallon in the last week,” De Haan said.

But some drivers in the KC metro said they’re still waiting for that relief at the pump.

“I fill up three, four times a week, and it’s not any easier,” driver Stacy Gates said.

Gates said she spends at least $200 a week on gas between kids’ activities and driving to work. She filled up at one Kansas City station for $3.69 recently.

“It’s really horrible,” Gates said. “We don’t go out to eat, we’re finding cheap, fun stuff to do around the city instead of going out and spending money and doing things.”

Some of the cheapest prices in the KC metro right now, according to GasBuddy, are at $3.29 a gallon, but De Haan said by Halloween, some stations could have prices below $3.00 a gallon.

“Gas prices today in Kansas City are still quite a bit higher today than a year ago, and again, because of the refinery issues this year we didn’t have last year,” De Haan said.

“Once we kind of see the decreases continue, we should be falling back below the year ago level, probably by Halloween, or maybe into November.”

De Haan said because of production cuts by the Saudis and Russians, consumers should keep an eye on the price of oil. In the last six months, the price of oil has gone up from $65 a barrel to $90 a barrel.

“As we often see in the fall, we get falling gas prices, but it also means an ominous spring could be ahead in which gas prices are going to spring up next spring, and that’s when the price of oil is probably going to be more a thorn in our sides,” De Haan said.

“But for now, it’s good news at the pump. As we go into the holidays, I’m expecting some of the lowest gas prices we’ve seen in several months.”