KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Gas prices keep doing up across the country, caught in the crosshairs of inflation, the war in Ukraine, and residual from the COVID pandemic.

GasBuddy.com shows that drivers can find gas around Kansas City, Missouri at about $3.65 per gallon. But at the Sinclair station in the Crossroads Arts District, the sign says drivers can fill up there at $4.59 a gallon.

Talonn Meldey told FOX4 that’s what he found when he was in Los Angeles the last time he was on the west coast. He says all he can do is accept that gas is going to cost more and try to catch a break when he can.

“I will probably search google maps if I’m taking a road trip and I have gas stations along the way,” said Medley.

Right now, gas in California is nearly $6 a gallon.