Genghis Khan exhibit at KC Union Station immerses visitors in ancient Mongolia

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — He’s considered one of the greatest conquers to ever live. His name inspired fear, while at the same time, united his people across his massive empire.

His name is Ghengis Khan, and he’s now at Union Station.

The exhibit features ancient artifacts, live Mongolian performers, artwork and other historically significant items.

Visitors will experience life in 13th-century Mongolia, entering the tents, battlegrounds and marketplaces of a vanished world. They will even get Mongolian identities at the start of their journey as they experience a variety of scenes and locations.

Whether a warrior, spy or princess, visitors will follow their life throughout the rise of the great Mongol Empire across six key scenes and eight unique galleries.

A military genius, Genghis Khan created the largest land empire ever to exist, dominating three times more land in his lifetime than either Julius Caesar or Alexander the Great. His lineage also established the modern borders of nations from India to Iran, Korea to China and opened the trade routes that united east and west.

Watch the video embedded in this story to get a glimpse into the exhibit and ancient Mongolia.



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