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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A George Floyd mural is now part of Westport’s landscape.

The art piece is on the side of the clothing store DVA% on Westport Road between Central and Wyandotte streets.

The owner of the store came up with the idea with the help of a few artists.

Around five muralists put the project together over a few days. It incorporates a portrait of Floyd, his name in graffiti style letters and the message “silence is violence” at the bottom.

Artist Chris Oldham said he wanted to send a message to fight against racism to people walking by.

“If you see something, say something. It’s sort of the same with racism,” Oldham said. “You know, you have friends or family — even if they’re not racist to the bone, if they say something that maybe they shouldn’t be saying or if they’re a little insensitive about one issue or the other, it’s good to talk to them in an open positive way. Try to call people in instead of call people out.”

Oldham said the wall was originally was going to have a Super Bowl mural. But as the seasons changed with the coronavirus and unrest in the country, they all felt this was a more important message for the community.