‘Get a job!’ Thieves target Raytown boutique twice in two weeks


RAYTOWN, Mo.—For Damaris Hernandez, owner of Damaris Glam Boutique in Raytown, the latest burglary is a major set-back.

FOX4 first interviewed the new business owner on August 24 when her store was first targeted.

The boutique, open for less than three months has had two break-ins within two weeks.

“I am past sad. I am just upset. Now I feel targeted. I feel like this is a threat towards me. I feel like this is just not right. I don’t understand,” Hernandez said.

The latest break in happened Tuesday night. Thieves were captured throwing a brick through the window, and taking off with piles of merchandise.

Hernandez wants you to look at her surveillance video and if you know who the thieves are, call Raytown Police.

She estimates the total losses and damage to be $15,000, double the amount of the last burglary.

“This has set me back, like a lot. This is more than I can handle,” Hernandez said. “The amount of things that they did steal, I have to shut down my online and my i- store until I get my inventory back up, to get my things back in order.”

She says opening this store is a childhood dream she was finally able to fulfill, despite the unexpected business climate due to the coronavirus.

She plans to increase security measures by adding gates to the windows and her doors.

Hernandez has filed police reports for both instances. She hopes police, social media and the surveillance will help identify the thieves.

Until then, she shares this strong message to whomever is responsible:

“Get a job, stop doing stuff that is not right. It is not okay to steal things that are not yours. I work hard for myself,” Hernandez said.



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