Get your own personal assistant by the hour through this new KC business

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February 07 2021 05:30 pm
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Ever feel like you need a personal assistant? Well, you might be able to afford one all while helping a small, local business.

"Time is a precious commodity," Meredith Webster said. " I work a lot of hours, and anything I can do to help with projects I need getting done without investing the time commitment is certainly appreciated."

If that sounds familiar, you can now get help with even the simplest tasks thanks to a new metro business.

"Üdo is an emerging technology," said Rhonda Dolan, Üdo's founder. "It's bringing personal assistant access to individuals when and how they need it at an everyday affordable price."

Dolan launched Üdo in May right here in Kansas City.

"Not only myself but everyone around me says on a regular basis, 'Oh I need a personal assistant,'" she said.

She's now offering it as an enterprise model to companies, but it originally started as a way to help people who simply just don't have the time.

"I believe that we actually do, and I believe the technology is at a place where we can bring it to people in a way that makes sense to them and is affordable," Dolan said.

You can simply type what you need into a form on Üdo's website and someone takes care of it for you. Whether it's finding summer camp programs for your kids, filling out forms, reminding you of a deadline, planning a menu for your family or finding a contractor -- it's all at your fingertips.

"For example, writing a note or a card. Writing it is one thing, but actually having the right kind of card on hand, then having the address on hand, and then you do all that and you forget you don`t have any stamps. Then you've got to go get stamps and get it to the post office. That actually takes a lot of steps," Dolan said.

Those who have used her services said it makes all the difference.

"Anybody that doesn't want to have to make that commitment, or doesn't have the time, or simply just wants to take one thing off the plate -- she's a great person to just take the load off," Webster said.

You're assigned a personal assistant, and you pay by the hour. Your Üdo personal assistant can usually do two or three tasks in an hour. An hour's work runs $30; two hours is $50; and four and a half hours costs $99.

"Our theory is if we can take some of that minute necessary, but not necessarily high output, kind of tasks off peoples` plate, it will allow them to focus on the tasks at hand," Dolan said.



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