Getaway driver in Liberty AMBER Alert helped police with investigation, documents say


LIBERTY, Mo. — A week after a 10-month-old boy was abducted from his father’s arms, court documents are shedding new light on what investigators say happened.

Police received a lot of details into the investigation from 24-year-old David Giron, the man who allegedly drove the getaway car during the kidnapping that led to an AMBER Alert. He has since been charged.

According to court documents, Giron called a Liberty police detective and identified himself as one of the men involved in the AMBER Alert on May 18. He told the detective that he wanted to provide a statement.

That statement helped police build a case against the other people prosecutors believe were involved in the abduction.

Documents show Giron picked up Ashley Haygood, the mother of the 10-month-old boy, and a man known as “Twanty” at a grocery store in Independence. They drove to a site where Carlos Colston-Miller, the father of the toddler, worked.

Giron said, according to Haygood, Colston-Miller kidnapped the little boy from her, and she needed to serve him with paperwork.

A woman picked up Colston-Miller from a worksite and Giron, Haygood and Twanty followed them to an apartment in Liberty.

Giron told detectives they jumped Colston-Miller after he got out of the car with his son. At one point someone grabbed the little boy out of Colston-Miller’s arms.

Colston-Miller reported to police he thought he was hit with a weapon during the assault and one of the suspects pointed a gun at him as they left the area. Police said witnesses backed up the story.

Giron told detectives that as soon as they had the little boy, he drove everyone to Independence and dropped them off. According to court documents, he asked if they’d just kidnapped the toddler, and someone told him they had.

Police found the little boy hours after he was taken when they received a tip that Haygood was at Children’s Mercy Hospital with her son.

Prosecutors charged Haygood with parental kidnapping. Giron has been charged with kidnapping and assault. Police are still searching for Twanty.

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