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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Friends of a bicyclist who was hit and killed Friday night on Southwest Trafficway left a “ghost bike” at the scene in his memory. They tell FOX 4 the ghost bike serves as a memorial for 40-year-old Ronald Johnson and as a way to remind drivers to be aware of cyclists and pedestrians.

“The ghost bikes are placed there to memorialize the spot where something happened like that, to bring awareness and attention to cars that they aren’t the only people out here,” said a friend of Johnson who only wanted to be identified as Pablo. “There are people out here are who are on bicycles, people who are walking.”

Police said Johnson lost control of his bike and fell right in front of a truck. Police said the driver hit the brakes and tried to stop, but still hit Johnson.

The victim’s friend said Johnson was an avid cyclist and when he wasn’t riding a bike he was working on one.

“He was looking for parts or working on bikes,” Pablo said. “His hands were like mine, always had grease in the fingers.”

Pablo said he was on the scene seconds after Johnson was hit and killed.

“It first hit me that I saw it was someone on a bicycle and then I realized I recognized the bicycle,” said Pablo. “I knew who it was and I got over there and saw it was my friend underneath the truck.”

Pablo said Johnson will not be forgotten.

“He was our brother he was our friend,” he said.

Police told FOX 4 the driver of the truck fully cooperated and wasn’t under the influence of any alcohol. They said he isn’t facing any charges.