WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — It took a lot of people and time to save a local Clydesdale that got stuck in the mud Tuesday.

The 17-year-old horse, named Chrome, got trapped in a muddy ravine. His owner called for help, and Sedgwick County Fire and Rescue responded. But the rescuers soon realized they needed more help. They asked for assistance from the Butler County Animal Response Team (BuCART), a volunteer division of Butler County Emergency Management.

At this point, Chrome had been trapped for about five to six hours. Veterinarian Jessica Hodes and veterinary nurse Morgan Darter were monitoring him when BuCART arrived with its trailer and large animal rescue equipment.

They got Chrome sedated. The rescuers put a large animal glide in front of him and straps around him. They also put a protective hood on his head.

After Chrome was pulled onto the glide, the firefighters pulled the glide and horse from the ravine.

He wasn’t able to stand up right away. First, the sedation had to wear off. Also, Dr. Hodes wanted him to get some fluids and also to be able to be on his right side since he had been on his left side for so long.

Chrome eventually got to his feet and was able to stay standing. The crowd cheered.

As the rescuers packed up their gear, Chrome was eating a snack and appeared to be doing OK.