Gingerbread-flavored Oreos hitting store shelves just in time for holiday season


Everything is beginning to look a lot like pumpkin spice, but one holiday flavor is looking to get a little bit of attention — gingerbread!

The folks at Nabisco have decided to release a new, limited-edition flavor of their famed Oreo cookies.

You’ll be able to find new gingerbread-flavored Oreos next to other popular flavors like Red Velvet, Lemon Creme and Fudge Creme.

The new Gingerbread Oreos come in five different designs and are described as an original Oreo with two gingerbread wafers filled with the traditional Oreo creme and crunchy sugar crystals.

But you’ll need to grab them while you can. The new version is only available for a limited time.

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