Girl injured in crash involving Chiefs coach Britt Reid has long road to recovery, family says


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Family says the 5-year-old girl critically injured in a wreck involving former Kansas City Chiefs coach Britt Reid might have woken up from her coma, but she has a long road to recovery.

Tiffany Verhulst, who has been posting updates for Ariel’s family, shared the news Monday night on the little girl’s GoFundMe page that she was awake after more than a week in a coma.

Kansas City police said Tuesday that the girl is now breathing on her own, but she’s still unresponsive.

Verhulst shared another update Tuesday, saying although Ariel is awake, “she is not the same happy free spirited little girl she was before this horrific crash.”

“She has a long road to recovery and the things that were once easy for her will no longer be,” Verhulst went on to write. “We are so happy she is awake yet so sad at the toll this took on her body and brain. We are thankful for the continued support and love for her right now. No family or child should ever have to go through this.”

Ariel’s GoFundMe page has now raised more than half a million dollars, and thousands of people from across the country have donated.

The 5-year-old was with her mother, who was helping a relative who had run out of gas, when the crash happened just after 9 p.m. Feb. 4 on the ramp to enter southbound Interstate 435 from Stadium Drive. Ariel’s 4-year-old cousin was also with them. She had non-life threatening injuries.

Britt Reid was also injured in the crash, according to Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, and the younger Reid needed surgery.

While there are no names in the crash report, FOX4 obtained court documents that matched the details of the crash that say Britt Reid told officers he was driving the pickup truck involved in the incident.

One officer noted his eyes were bloodshot, and he had a moderate odor of alcohol. Reid told the officer he had between two and three drinks and was on a prescription for Adderall.

The officer conducted an initial and full sobriety test and saw four clues of impairment. Officers requested and received a search warrant to draw Reid’s blood.

Britt Reid is under investigation for driving impaired. No formal charges have been filed.

The Chiefs confirmed to FOX4 last week that Reid is no longer employed by the club.

He had been placed on administrative leave through the duration of his contract as his role in the crash is under investigation, but that contract has expired.

Kansas City police say this investigation will take at least a month to finish. As part of that, blood test results to determine if Reid was driving impaired will take four to six weeks or more.

Then prosecutors will review it, potentially for several more weeks, before any criminal charges are filed. 



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