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GLADSTONE, Mo. – An area park has been receiving some unusual reports of squirrel attacks this past week.

On Wednesday FOX 4 spoke with Gladstone Animal Control who told us the attacks happened Sunday and Monday along a jogging trail, in a more wooded part of Happy Rock Park, off Northeast Antioch Road and Northeast 76th Street.

Facebook posts started popping up about the odd encounters.

“This is a really isolated kind of case,” said Justin Merky, Director of Gladstone Parks and Recreation.

Merky said crews came out Monday after getting an email from a woman saying her injuries sent her to the emergency room.

“In visiting with North Kansas City Hospital, we’d learned that there had been two other victims, the evening prior, so everything happened within a 12 hour period from what we understand,” said Merky.

Crews came out to look for the squirrel and the research began.

Merky continued, “Whenever I got ahold of this, I automatically went to Google obviously and started looking into the matter because it’s not something we’ve ever heard of.”

The city said its investigation didn’t yield any squirrel sightings, and since Monday, there haven’t been any new reports. Hopefully, that brings some comfort for those who were attacked.

“We have been assured by our animal control that squirrels do not carry rabies,” said Merky.

And even though Gladstone is taking it seriously, Merky chuckled, “If a squirrel usually makes the news, water skis behind a remote control boat behind a lake. This is way different than that and puts a little fear in you every time you look at a squirrel, what’s going on.”

The city said initially it thought about closing down part of the trail, but after it seemed to be just those three cases, they decided to keep it open, unless it happens again.