GLADSTONE, Mo. — The Gladstone Police Department says officers have identified the man accused of stealing packages from an attorney’s office.

FOX4 News is not identifying the man since charges are not official yet, but officers say theft charges are pending.

Police also recovered the car they believe he was in.

John Goens saw the story from earlier this month of the theft at James Kessinger’s office.  He believes the same man ripped him off.

Goens showed FOX4 a trash bag full of what he believes are stolen items that were inside the recovered car, a white Oldsmobile.

“These are debit cards that he’s stolen,” Goens said. “Here’s a whole deck of stolen identities, credit cards, ids, license, debit cards, social security cards.  Terrible.”

Kessinger says the man left an envelope in his mail slot addressed to someone who died four years ago.

“The guys driving around with stolen plates, with a dead guy’s mail in his car,” Kessinger told FOX4 earlier this month.

After that interview, FOX4 received an anonymous tip that the same car was parked in a Liberty neighborhood.

Liberty police confirmed they towed it from there but could not comment on any contents inside.

Goens, who is disabled, says he hired the man to do some home renovation work.  Instead, he says the man stole thousands from him in cash and tried to open credit cards in him and his wife’s names.

“One-thousand percent, this is the guy,” Goens said.

His message is to know who you are hiring and keep an eye out for the alleged thief.

“I don’t want anyone else to go through this,” Goens said. “This guy’s good at it, and he’s career at it.”

Goens plans to hand the contents of that car over to police.