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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — On Saturday, KCPD said a five-year-old girl involved in a crash on Thursday night is still in critical condition.

Court records show Andy Reid’s son, Britt Reid, was a part of the crash and is being investigated for driving under the influence.

According to a GoFundMe account stating it was created by a family member, the young girl involved in Thursday night’s crash is critically injured at a hospital suffering from a swollen and bleeding brain. It said the five-year-old hasn’t woken up since the crash.

The fundraiser is has surpassed $90,000 as of Saturday.

KCPD said a car ran out of gas and stopped on Stadium Drive ramp.

A family member came to help and parked their SUV further down the ramp when a pick-up truck, which court documents show was driven by Britt Reid, collided with the first car, then slammed into the back of the family member’s SUV.

Police said two kids in the backseat of that SUV went to the hospital including the five-year-old girl that is still in the hospital with life threatening injuries.

Reid is an assistant coach for the Chiefs.

He was not on the plane headed to Tampa Saturday.

Court records show a KCPD officer said when he contacted Reid, he could smell a moderate odor of alcoholic beverages on him and his eyes were bloodshot and red.

The officer asked Reid if he’d been drinking and he said he’d had 2-3 drinks.

They asked about prescription medication which he also said he was on a prescription for Adderall.

The officer said he did an eye test and observed signs of impairment.

Reid said he had stomach pain, so he was taken to Research Medical Center for treatment.

The application for a search warrant also notes he’d had multiple prior DUI contacts.