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ST. LOUIS — Tuesday evening, 23-year-old Keilen Robinson crashed on Interstate 70 and was left unconscious in his burning vehicle. Thankfully, the right man was in the right place at the right time and was able to save his life.

Keilen Robinson does not remember anything from the accident, but he will never forget the man who saved his life. His name is Antonio Morgan. 

Morgan said that Robinson drove past him on I-70. Just moments later, Morgan heard screeching breaks and a loud crunch. Robinson had crashed into the cement median.

Other drivers stopped in traffic and started recording the incident, but not Morgan. He pulled over, and keeping his son at a safe distance, he rushed over to try and get Robinson out of the car.

“The smoke and the fire and all that stuff started coming. It started burning my eyes and hurting my throat, but I was still trying to get him out. I had to get him out,” Morgan said. 

Morgan made several attempts to get him out before finally realizing his seat belt was locking him in. Another man on the scene came over with a fire extinguisher to try and help put the flames out in the burning vehicle. 

With just minutes to spare, he dragged Keilen to safety before the car was engulfed in flames. 

“I feel like that was my second opportunity at life, and now it’s time for me to show the world my change,” Robinson said.

Morgan said that it is time that people stop standing by and recording on their phone when they see someone in trouble. He says leaders need to step up, put the phones down, and start acting. 

“I’m a leader. I’m a protector by nature. It’s in me. I’m just doing what comes natural to me.”

Morgan’s son, 14-year-old Antonia Morgan II, was the one who caught his dad’s heroic act on film. 

“I can’t thank him enough man. He will always be a part of my life and my family’s life. That’s a good man,” Robinson said.