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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — The wait is over. Google Fiber and its super fast speed is finally up and running in Kansas City, Kansas.

Google says the new service is 100 times faster than any other internet signal out there, and on Tuesday three start up business got wired in.

“I am shaking a little bit, were stoked,” said Matthew Marcus.  “We’ve been counting down the days, well months really.”

Marcus and his partners run Local Ruckus, a company that allows you to find the most enjoyable way to discover and share local events in Kansas City. In the same home on State Line Road, two other start ups will use Google Fiber, Form Zapper and Leap 2.

There are three package options for Google Fiber service. Free internet, gigabit inter for $70 a month or gigabit plus television for $120 a month.  The DVR feature allows you to record up to eight programs simultaneously, plus two terabytes worth of storage.