Zoo Back to Normal After Gorilla Escape

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — People visiting the Kansas City Zoo were confined to a lockdown area Sunday after two silver back gorillas got out of their habitat.

The two males were loose for about four hours Sunday after zoo keepers left the door of their enclosure unlocked.

The zoo says the animals only roamed the back hall and holding areas around the buildings housing their habitat and did not have access to the public.

Nonetheless, the zoo called for a code red which means a dangerous animal has escaped. Visitors were evacuated out of the Africa area and some were asked to stay inside until zoo workers were able to get the gorillas back in its habitat using hoses to spray water on the gorillas.

“They all just started going up a ladder jumping out and then kicked the ladder down, and one came in sprinting, screaming, ‘everyone get out a gorilla’s on the loose,” said Will Hall, a visitor at the zoo.

No injuries have been reported. The zoo says it will continue reviewing its procedures to determine exactly what went wrong.

“We’ll go back and review everything that happened and try to figure out what went wrong, how went wrong, why went wrong and figure out how that never happens here again,” said Zoo Director Randy Wisthoff.

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