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OLATHE, Kan. — One of the most polarizing figures in American politics rolled into Olathe on Sunday.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis flew in to rally support for Kansas GOP gubernatorial candidate Derek Schmidt.

Outside, supporters of Democratic incumbent Gov. Laura Kelly made their voices heard, too.

Every seat was taken and many were left standing inside the conference room at the Embassy Suites in Olathe.  Many Kansans there to see DeSantis and his “Unite and Win” rally.

“I am looking forward to the state of Kansas electing Derek Schmidt to be your next governor,” DeSantis said.

This rally comes just days after his controversial move to ship illegal immigrants who sought asylum in Florida, to Martha’s Vineyard.

“Speaking of law and order, the one place in our country where we see virtually no law and order is at the southern border and this is a crisis now getting a little bit more attention,” DeSantis said.

“I noticed that some people are people are mad about Gov. DeSantis rerouting 50 migrants to Martha’s VIneyard, which is a sanctuary city filled some of the nation’s richest and most powerful elites. Well if that’s what its going to take for Democrats Joe Biden and Laura Kelly to finally take this issue seriously then I’m all for it,” Schmidt said.

While there was a packed crowd for DeSantis, outside the venue there was chants for DeSantis to go back to Florida.

Supporters waved signs for Kelly. Those supporters also expressed their disapproval for DeSantis’ policies.

“I vehemently oppose Ron DeSantis and Derek Schmidt. I oppose the policies that they stand for. I think their policies are anti-immigration, which is un-American. I think they are trans-phobic which is harmful to the LGBTQ community and I think they are not in the best interests of women or other people who can get pregnant,” said Jae Moyer, president of the LGBTQ Caucus of the Kansas Democratic Party.

“What he stands for then must be what Derek Schmidt stands for and as a Kansan I’m really concerned he could be the next govenor of Kansas,” Kelly supporter Mary Lou said.

DeSantis visit was part of his “Unite and Win” rallies. After his stop here, he is off to Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Gov. Kelly let her supporters be her voice today. Her office did not have a statement regarding DeSantis’ visit.