Gov. Parson calls education and jobs the solution to Missouri’s challenges during KC visit

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Missouri Gov. Mike Parson is touring three growing companies to learn how the state can better prepare workers for jobs small businesses are creating.

Taxpayers are helping future generations stay in Missouri through investments in these employers.

Parson has been focused on two issues during his term: Making sure Missouri has both the infrastructure and the workforce to support careers that will be in demand in our rapidly evolving economy.

An electric truck manufacturer in Riverside, Missouri, is an example of the future jobs Parson wants to grow in Missouri. Orange EV was founded by a former Ford truck engineer from the Claycomo plant.

The startup has grown from a 2,000 square foot building to selling electric trucks to move trailers at distribution centers, rail yards and big retailers across the nation.

Parson calls incentives for firms like this one, a good investment for Missouri taxpayers.

“We give them incentives to make sure that they are here, give them that growth ability,” Parson said. “Just make sure it’s a good investment for the taxpayers.

When you get to see a company like this, that you do have some small investment in, but you do see what they are dong with that. All of the sudden they are starting to ship across the United States. It’s a pretty good feeling to know we are getting a pretty good bang for our bucks in the state of Missouri. As long as we can get companies like that going, it’s a good day for Missouri.”

The governor also is meeting with Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas. Parson has been meeting with urban mayors across the state to find common ground where city and rural interests can agree to move the state forward.

He will also meet with a group of urban core ministers to talk about guns. The governor says he expects lawmakers to address gun issues in the upcoming session. Parson believes only an act of the legislature can change gun laws.

The governor believes the best solution he can offer to curtail violent crime is to improve education and job opportunities for everyone in Missouri. He says when you’re busy working or going to school there’s less time to get into trouble with the law.



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