Governor Nixon orders temporary stay of execution for Allen Nicklasson

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A man’s execution by way of lethal injection on October 23 has been canceled after an order was decreed by Governor Jay Nixon. In a released statement, Nixon cited that issues have been raised regarding propofol in executions and has halted Allen Nicklasson’s execution temporarily.

“In light of issues that have been raised surrounding the use of propofol in executions…I have further directed the Department to modify the State of Missouri’s Execution Protocol to include a different form of lethal injection,” Nixon’s release stated.

Nicklasson was found guilty of first-degree murder regarding the death of Richard Drummond. Nicklasson and two accomplices (Dennis Skillicorn and Tim DeGraffernried) had been traveling on Interstate 70 on August 23, 1994 when their vehicle broke down according to court documents.

They attempted to get the car to work but had only progressed near Kingdom City when on August 25, 1994 Drummond saw the stranded trio and offered them a ride to a telephone. They accepted and proceeded to load stolen guns and other items into the trunk of his Dodge Intrepid. When all were in the vehicle, Nicklasson put a pistol to the back of Drummond’s head and ordered him to drive toward Kansas City.

Drummond was ordered to exit at Highway T near Higginsville where he was then directed to stop the car in a secluded area. Nicklasson walked him into a wooded area, told him to say his prayers and shot him in the head twice.

Nicklasson and Skillicorn later decided to drive the stolen Intrepid to Arizona and they were arrested while trying to hitchhike in California. Investigators found shell casings and a hand written letter by Nicklasson when they recovered the Intrepid, which was ditched on an Arizona sandbar. Nicklasson was convicted and sentenced to death in 1996.

The release concluded by stating that a new execution date for Nickalsson will be requested from the Missouri Supreme Court immediately.

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