Graduation season is triple the fun for one KC family

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- One metro family has three reasons to be proud.

Graduation season comes with a triple-dose of success, as multiple members of their family get their diplomas.

People attending Ruskin High School's recent graduation ceremony might have noticed a common theme: the name Brown. Ruskin's 2016 graduation class included 299 graduates, three of whom are the Brown triplets, La'Nai, La'Trell and La'Tia, all of whom walked the Ruskin stage last Thursday night.

Photos from a long-awaited celebration are always at their fingertips. Camera phone video chronicles a moment the browns had worked toward for 18 years.

“I worked for, I don't know how many years to get there, and I finally got there, and I felt like something was given,” La'Nai Brown said.

“It was a feeling I've never had,” La’Trell Brown said. “It was so exciting. It's like, I'm really graduating. I'm finally done with school.”

La'Nai is the firstborn of the three, and brother La'Trell and sister La'Tia came two minutes later. The Brown triplets say attending school as a trio wasn't always easy.

“We're three different personalities with three different problems. We weren't all the same. It felt like teachers wanted us to all be the same,” La'Trell Brown said.

“We had the same teachers. When it came to homework, we were there for each other to help,” La’Tia Brown said.

Walking that stage is a special moment for the three, and for their mother too. Lachelle McKinzey says all five of her children now have high school diplomas.

“It was my celebration,” McKinzey said. “It was like a birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas, it was, to me, it was my graduation, but it was theirs. It was exciting.”

The Brown triplets tell FOX 4 News the secret to their success isn't a secret at all. Throughout 12 years of schooling, they've always been there to support one another, and now, they'll use the same approach as they look forward to college.



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